Outline of the project

The main objective pursued by our project is to prevent the drop-out phenomena through an innovative learning approach based on informal education and the use of ICTs in robotics to encourage young to re-engage in learning. Our project will promote acquisition of the key competence of Learning to Learn key skills including collaboration, argumentation, taking individual responsibility in groups, creativity and innovation, constructionism, coding/programming robot behaviours, interactions. 

The goal is to enable disadvantaged students to fully reap the benefits of secondary education in a lifelong learning perspective. The pedagogic pathway proposed combining creativity, fun and key-competences learning, particularly mathematics, sciences and ICT, offers the students at risk of exclusion or dropouts a concrete chance to reconnect in learning.

Technology will offer the best opportunities for delivering instructions that will engage students in authentic learning, will address multiple intelligences and will adapt to students’ learning styles. In addition to that, this methodology will help at-risk students be engaged and feel a sense of belonging in the school community.