Colegiul Tehnic “Domnul Tudor”. Drobeta Turnu Severin (Romania)

“Domnul Tudor” Technical College started its activity in 1912 as “The Normal School for Teachers”. The name of the institution has changed over the years-“School for Apprentices”,”Industrial HighSchool nr.1” and “Domnul Tudor” School Group from 1991 up to 2007. Starting with 2007 it became “Domnul Tudor”(Mr. Tudor) Technical College.

Over the years, for Mehedinti county educational system, our school has become a real symbol as it has offered a complex form of education for pupils who have obtained access to information and the possibility to turn the given information into valuable knowledge.

In our county, we are the only educational institution in which the PHARE VET RO 9405 programme was implemented,our school becoming a school for development in the field.We are also Centre of Resources within the PHARE programme for Economical and Social Cohesion-part of the professional and technical educational system-a fact that proves once again our desire to continue the tradition on one hand and to transform our institution in a school of the future on the other hand.

Our school is a CISCO Local Academy and it is equipped with Mehedinti RoEduNet POP that gives the possibility to all the educational institutions in the county to connect to the internet. “Domnul Tudor” Technical College from Drobeta Turnu-Severin promotes a modern, flexible,quality form of education that has as the main goal the desire to offer the inhabitants from the South-West of Oltenia opportunities for education and training in accordance with the new national, international,economical and social reality.

In the school year 2016-2017, in our school there are 28 classes with 603 pupils (462-high school and 141 after College education). The distinctive feature of our school is given by the fact that it combines the real profile (mathematics-informatics specialization) with the technical profile (Electronics, Automation, Electric Field, Mechathronics and Mechanics).

Our school’s educational offer comprizes various professional qualifications such as:Telecommunication Technician, Automation Technician, Electrical Installations Technician, Technicians specialized in Hot Processing, CAD Planner Technician. The staff of our school comprises qualified teachers with a rich experience in the educational field. In the school year 2016-2017 we have a number of 42 teachers in our school,10 support staff and 24 persons in the administrative sector of our school. The educational process takes place in three different buildings at “Domnul Tudor” Technical College as our school is equipped with numerous classrooms, informatics laboratories,science laboratories,a hostel, a canteen, a library, a modern gym and a park.

The partnership between our school and the local community starts from the common interests of the students, the school, the employing factories and the community agents, having as their basis a simple but important reality-the teenagers of today-the future of tomorrow-. All the partners involved in this ample process are aware of the necessity of passing from a consultative to a collaborative, durable partnership with direct implications for both the local community, which needs well prepared graduates, and for the educational environment, which has to meet the social demands.