Mazara del Vallo, 6-14 Aprile 2019

This last mobility represented an important opportunity for the students involved in the project ROBO, to evaluate the project and see how their work measured up to their expectations. In particular, during the eight days event, a series of workshops, presentations, open discussions were performed involving all students present. All of them had the possibility to present their Arduino project and give proof of the competences reached. Beyond workshops and exhibition, during the mobility there were several occasions for sharing ideas and opinions on following issues of our project.


The coordinator (c) and our partner institutions (p) were represented by:

  • Filippa Alcamesi (c)
  • Salvatore Marrone (c)
  • Adela Catecanescu (p)
  • Bîrlă Florin Constantin (p)
  • Tsvetlina Miteva (p)
  • Polya Minkova (p)
  • Piotr Pawlak (p)
  • Marek Belotti (p)


  • Students have achieved a better performance.
  • School and general public have been aware of the potential of educational robotics for young generations as a learning tool/approach.

Students tested their projects (code-robots-textual communication-presentations) and filled in a Reflection Sheet. An exhibition was organized for this Meeting and the results were shown during a final party with families.

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