ZESPÓŁ   SZKÓŁ  W GORZYCACH is in the South of Poland. Gorzyce is inhabited by nearly 15000 people, 7000 of whom live in the housing estate. There are 9 schools, 6 primary schools, 2 junior high schools and 1 secondary comprehensive school, technical school of mechanics, and vocational school. Besides, there are 3 kindergartens governed by the commune’s administration and 3 banks.

In the Gorzyce commune there are 550 undertakings registered. Entities that run a business are prevailing. Food processing is supported by two mills, a pork butchers shop and 4 bakeries. The commune administration consists of the Housing Estate Gorzyce being municipal in its nature considering its infrastructure and buildings, and 8 village administration districts of different size (from about 200 to about 2000 inhabitants). The commune is of town and village character. Opulence of the woods and waters is favorable to the activity of two Hunting Circles and the Angling Circle.

Our school has existed since 1 September 1967 and has always been considered a friendly school both by students and their parents. Our school wants to participate in Comenius- 1 because we want our students to have a view of Europe and experience of abroad. Our students are socio-economically disadvantaged. They are from villages and some of them haven’t even been out of Gorzyce, the area we live in. They can’t even imagine of going abroad. We want to widen their view to world and to life. We want to give both multi and inter-cultural education to create European Union’s citizen identity.

Our aim is to have our students’ effort of learning foreign languages supported. And as our students are socio-economically disadvantaged we want them to have the opportunity of improving their education. Gorzyce is a small village and has hard conditions for some students; we hope this project will be a chance for them to have different views on life. We were working on 2 Comenius Projects with a great success. Now we are working on Erasmus+ Project with 6 countries. Our students travelled to many countries gained a lot of experience, improved their English and expanded their knowledge. Now they are motivated to study and to work.

Website: http://zsgorzyce.pl/