Kick-Off Meeting


The kick-off meeting (KoM) of ROBO Project (Remain On BOard. Learning Journeys in Educational Robotics) was organized in Mazara del Vallo on 21-22 November 2017, at I.S. “R. D’Altavilla – V. Accardi, who is the ROBO Project Coordinator.

The meeting represented an important opportunity for launching ROBO, to know each partner and establish team’s confidence. In particular, during the two days event, a series of meetings, presentations, open discussions were performed involving all partners present.

All partners introduced themselves and their rule within ROBO. The project management team had the opportunity to present the project management procedures, clarify leadership skills and discuss about legal and financial issues.

After this meeting, all members were aware about project objectives, procedures, working plans and interaction among partners.

Beyond meetings and round tables, during the KoM there were several occasions for networking, which contributed to a good interaction and exchange of opinions among partners for the next steps to take in support of ROBO actions implementation and success.

Picture of the participants of the first meeting

The coordinator (c) and our partner institutions (p) were represented by:

  • Filippa Elena Alcamesi (c)
  • Giancarlo Lentini (c)
  • Livia Marinescu (p)
  • Carmen Mihailescu (p)
  • Tsvetlina Miteva (p)
  • Polya Minkova (p)
  • Rozalina Rusenova (p)
  • Ewa Laskowska (p)
  • Piotr Pawlak (p)