Introductory Training

This session includes presentations, discussions and short hands–on activities with robots.

Presentations will refer to:

  • the task;
  • aspects about robots, their uses, their design etc.;
  • the robotic kit that is going to be used;
  • the rules of working with robots and
  • collaborating with other students.

Discussions will be led around a few central questions:

  • what is a robot?
  • what tasks can a robot perform?
  • are robots part of our lives?
  • etc.

Short experimentation activities:

  • making the robot move towards a specific!direction
  • make a sound
  • make the robot turn
  • etc.


  • build an educational robotics experience even with a low budget;
  • produce a model and guidelines for future robots;
  • collect the ready-to-use lesson schemes;
  • carry one short hands–on activities with robots.


  1. Introduction and Experimentation (What is Arduino?) 
  2. Get Familiar and Set Up (Arduino Uno R3)
  3. Robot Movement - Driving
  4. Robot Movement - Turning