Activity plans

The activity plans here listed are freely based on the template provided by ER4STEM project. It is a generic design tool that will facilitate different stakeholders (teachers, instructors, researchers) to design learning activities for different robotic toolkits.  The construction of the template is based on a set of best practices identified so far and we hope we will be able to improve it even more if all the partner schools involved in ROBO share ideas and opinions after experiencing it. 

Activity Plan Template 


Simple Line Tracking Car (without intersections)


Advanced Line Tracking Car (with right angles)

Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Romania (May 2018)


Shorter path solver

Troyan, Bulgaria (October 2018)


Complex-line tracking car

Gorzye, Poland (February 2019)


Maze Solving Car

Mazara del Vallo, Italy (April 2019)